How to Apply

How to Apply

Thanks for investigating opportunities in the AgSensing Lab at the department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at OSU. Below you will find some information for students interested in working in my research group. Most research in AgSensing lab focuses on applied, interdisciplinary questions around crop and soil health classification, identification and evaluation of best management practices, and pathways to sustainable agriculture production. Research methods will include remote sensing, GIS, spatial modeling, machine vision, cloud computing, “Big Data” analysis, and case studies. This type of research connects with multiple disciplines and degree programs, and I provide information below to help you choose the degree program that best fits your interests and career goals. I advise students in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE) and the Environmental Science and Graduate Program (ESGP). Offices will be Agricultural Engineering, which provide vibrant intellectual and social communities. Please see my homepage for more information about specific projects and research questions.

Applying to OSU
Potential students should select the graduate degree program best suited to their interests and career goals. Most students in my lab are enrolled in either the FABE or the ESGP programs. Both programs are intended for students wanting a deeply interdisciplinary and rigorous academic experience. For an overview of these programs or for detailed information on degree requirements and application procedures, please consult program web pages ( or and communicate directly with Graduate program coordinator for FABE (please contact Candy McBride, and ESGP coordinator (please contact Kelly Malone, Students interested in conducting research in the intersection of data science and agricultural science but want to hold a computer science degree or dual degree are also welcome. 

Financial support for students in my lab will typically come from Research Assistantships (RAs), where you contribute to research project and Teaching Assistantships (TAs), where you help professors teach courses, such as grading, and preparing lab and lecture materials. Both RAs and TAs receive a monthly stipend, personal health insurance and tuition support. I also encourage all my current and prospective students to apply for their own funding through internal (see: and external fellowships, especially the NSF Graduate Fellowship (see: and the NDSEG Graduate Fellowship (see:, which you can apply for while working on your OSU application. 

When you apply, note in your application the names of the professor(s) with whom you are interested in working. I highly recommend you to read faculty biographies to make sure your interests overlap those of your potential advisor. I will go through any application that explicitly mentions me as a potential advisor. Additionally, to ensure I don’t miss your application, please send me a separate email with the following information: 
1) A brief statement of your research and career goals, and your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree 
2) Your resume or CV 
3) Names and institutions of three people you will ask for recommendation letters
I encourage you to email me before submitting your application if you feel that your interests are a good fit with my group.

Good luck with the application process!